Staying Focused Amidst the Chaos (Oh and I graduated)

Since we last left off talking about Yeoman a lot has happened. My role at work has swapped. Winter has come and gone. Oh, and I graduated from Utah Valley University!

During this time everyone seemed amazed that I was able to pull off full time work, raising two children

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Yeoman - Quick start

I was first introduced to Yeoman at Utah Valley University from a great web programmer Keith Smith when we were working on our capstone project.

We had talked about the project and it was time to build the code base. We decided not to use any CSS framework, because our

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Quest for Full Stack Developer #1

Well here is a status update on my quest for full stack.

I dove into my book, "JavaScript: The Good Parts" by Douglas Crawford, as well as red a nice little article about on BEM or Block Element Modifiers.

BEM - CSS Methodoly

The BEM article is about a better

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I turn 30 this year

It's been a crazy ride thus far. Let's drive this life like we stole it.

As a almost 30-year old developer, father, student and aspiring professor life gets a bit, what's the term the kids use this day. Cray.

What do I want out of 30?

That is the question

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